Landscaping & Hardscapping



A great time to update your landscaping is with your other hard scape projects. In your project design we will account for any landscape installations, irrigation, and lighting if desire. Features such as raised masonry beds, power supply (for irrigation and lighting) and plumbing (irrigation and drainage) come at a greatly reduced expense when combined with concurrent infrastructure, mason, plumbing, and electrical work for your other pool/property projects.This will create economies of scale and ensure that you are left with a low maintenance system that is irrigated, controlled, and effective, ensuring the best performance during hot summer months.

The greatest benefit of having us install your yard landscaping is that the surroundings will naturally integrate with the yard, especially your pool and spa to create a unique atmosphere. Your landscaping will be planned upfront and leverage the time essence of plants.  The sooner that your specimens are established, the sooner that they will mature to create the privacy and beauty you intend for your home and family.

Retaining walls
Garden walls
Custom Masonry Work

Fire Pits, Chimneys, and Benches
Outdoor fire pits seamlessly integrate with your swimming pool and are especially useful for enjoying your outdoor space in the evenings, fall and winter.

They are also great as a standalone feature. You will find that friends and family gravitate to the fire pit and make good use of comfortable benches in and around your.

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